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I’m convinced that:

  • People are good.  We want to make good decisions when we have the ability to do so.   
  • Fair Trade is good.  It is good for everyone: the artisans, farmers, importers, retailers and customers.  It’s good for absolutely everyone involved.
  • People in the United States are, overall, busy.  Retail needs to be quick and convenient for even the most conscientious shoppers.  
  • If people understand what Fair Trade is all about and they are given a convenient source for it, they will at least give Fair Trade a look when buying for themselves or others.

I feel called to help further the systemic change that Fair Trade enables.  I don’t have a mind for policy work – I pray for the people who answer that call and lobby for trade changes on behalf of the poor and impoverished.  I simply feel called to educate people about systems of supply chains and what we support because of what we buy. 

Because of this, I’m game to speak with any group of people from those in preschool to those living in a care facility!  I love being invited to women’s groups, civic organizations, churches and colleges.  I want to spread the word about Fair Trade in any way possible!   …and that’s why I’ve agreed to do some filmed pieces this year as well.

Now, to be clear, I’m not real comfortable in front of a camera.  In fact, I’m not comfortable at all in front of a camera!  (I’m also not comfortable watching myself!)  I simply want to do anything and everything I can to get the message about Fair Trade in front of more people.  


This month Eagle TV filmed a long commercial type of thing for us and the video was just released today.  A funny thing about this piece was that I needed to find someone to interview me.  (ha!)  Thankfully I have an insurance agent who always has my back and agreed to this looooong extension of his role!  Mike Dreier, from Fuqua Ruth Typer Insurance, is awesome and carried us for this seven minute bit:














In May we were glad to have two opportunities to share about Fair Trade.  First, Bo Savage is a student at Bethany College who will work with film for a professional athletic team someday.  (Really.  He will.)  While Bo is finishing up his degree, we were excited to have him make the following 45 second invitation for World Fair Trade Day:














And lastly, our friend in Lindsborg Christy Mai finagled an invitation for Connected to be on “The Scene from Saline”.  This was the MOST uncomfortable spot for me, but I was certainly thankful for the opportunity to be with them.  (Our interview begins at 17:17 and is the majority of their full Access TV show.)














Please help me to know how to best share the word about Fair Trade.  I’m all ears and clearly am willing to do things outside of my comfort level!  ;)  Thank you so much for your wisdom, encouragement, and whatever action you can take to further Fair Trade along.  
w/gratitude ~ Amy Kay

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