Manhattan Fair Trade Store for Sale

Friends who love Fair Trade and Manhattan, Kansas –

I hope this is a most exciting email/blog post/social media share for you!

First, let’s celebrate that Fair Trade is completely awesome :) It helps people in developing parts of the world get out of poverty through consistent, safe, fair business. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Connected has been a Fair Trade store in downtown, Manhattan, for just over two years. We’ve renovated a perfectly positioned space, enjoy a good relationship with the University, many churches have shown us their collective support, travelers frequent us because of our great location and we have an awesome core of local customers who consistently vote for Fair Trade with their purchases. Our systems are good and the women who run the store are experienced and delightful. And, again, Fair Trade is awesome :) The only thing we’ve yet to do well is signage outside the building… but maybe that will be the first thing a new owner freshens up!

Because here’s the situation: although we are just now ready to reap the rewards of the ground laying years and this would normally be the time for us to do a happy dance, my personal life has taken a tumble. My husband of 22 years left me abruptly in September and our two boys need some serious consistency and stability. We live in Lindsborg, Kansas, where our other store is located and I just can’t pop over to MHK any longer; the boys’ needs come before everything else, obviously, and this is a rough time.

The price for the store is only for the product and fixtures. There is truly no better deal than this for a person who loves Fair Trade and wants to own a sweet shop.  We have a gracious landlord who is offering me a buyout on my lease for the space, but I'd much rather the store continue on for people near and far. Carri, our Manager, and I will be happy to provide consultation so that the store has a seamless transition and the new owner rocks it easily.  We're nice and can be funny, I promise :)  We're sincerely happy to help pave the way for you or someone you know to know to profit with an ethical, Fair Trade business.

Most owners of Fair Trade stores are people who are simply passionate about Fair Trade. Many don’t have a retail background at all! Take me for example: I’m a minister who doesn’t like dealing with money. Somehow when I’ve been running Fair Trade stores, they have profited in the first year of business and thereafter. If I can do it, seriously, anyone can do it who has a desire to help people around the world.

Please consider this opportunity, share it with others who you think might have this call and be in touch.

w/hope ~ Amy Kay

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