His Eye is on the Sparrow

Good day, friends - 

I hope you are well!  

This is not a post about Fair Trade; however, I share it in case it is helpful to you.  I wrote this article today for the Lindsborg News Record's Pastoral Column.  


Ooooh the 90’s.  A decade of greatness!  One of my favorite movies from that time is Sister Act 2 with Lauren Hill and Whoopi Goldberg.  At one point in the movie, Lauren Hill accompanies her classmate who sings “His Eye is on the Sparrow”.  I’ll come back to that in a moment.

The Marquette Ministerial Alliance offers a Lenten series and this year the theme is, “Embracing the Uncertain” which is for “unsteady times”.  We chose this theme just after the New Year and I think the Spirit was with us in our selection!  The last time we worshiped in person, Susan Smith of the Kanopolis Lake Ministry preached on the uncertainty of worry from the text Luke 12:1-34.  (Five sparrows are sold for just two pennies, but God doesn’t forget a one of them. Even the hairs on your head are counted. So don’t be afraid! You are worth much more than many sparrows.)

I’ve been singing Sister Act 2’s version of “His Eye is on the Sparrow” for weeks. 

God knows us as God knows even the little sparrows.  God is with us in these times of physical distancing.

A year and a half ago I experienced a disruption in my personal life that was difficult.  It was an opportunity for me to take a hard look at myself (aaaallll the ugly) and I did and still do many things to help me recalibrate to the person who I feel God calls me to be.  I started a Pinterest board for Quips and Quotes that I looked at multiple times a day and still do refer to daily.  I offer this message to you from Pinterest wisdom (I can hear your eye roll) because I found it to be helpful: 

Sometimes I cuss at these words.  Enjoy the beauty of becoming?!  Embrace uncertainty?!  PLEASE!  

It is hard for some of us to feel okay when our life is disrupted and new ways are required.  It can feel flat-out-awful to have important things postponed and worse to have them canceled.  I do not mean to minimize any feelings of sadness from these changes.  They are real and valid!  I also want to suggest that we can use this disruption to become anew with God.  Thank goodness, God is with us and cares about us.  With intentionality, we can develop new ways and experience new life.  Let’s sing, meditate, study, create, write to people we appreciate who we haven’t seen for awhile, stretch, and/or whatever is right for each of us as we are mindful during this unique opportunity. 

Next on my list today:  crank up “Oh Happy Day” from Sister Act 2 and make my boys laugh as I dance around the kitchen.  Hey hey  – 1993!!

I hope for you good health, peace and joy as you continue to find new ways of being and feel the beauty of becoming. 

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