Connected Insider's Special Trunk Show

Dearest 2018 Connected Insiders -

You won't believe this!

Sharon Gale, founder and owner of the the 27 year old Fair Trade business called Unique Batik, is coming to Connected and agreed to meet you all for a happy hour!  ...and then she offered to host a Trunk Show for you too!  CRAZY!

Sharon started out as a maker herself.  She specialized in creating amazing batik fabrics.  She has always been an avid traveler and seeker of social justice so it doesn't surprise us that she was drawn to makers in developing countries.  One thing led to another and her Fair Trade business was born.  

Since we first figured out how to have a Fair Trade store, we've been buying from Sharon; over a decade now!  One of the first times we ordered from Unique Batik, she called Amy Kay and kindly told her that one pair of earrings she had ordered hadn't sold for a long time and she shouldn't buy them.  :)  Sharon offered to pick out a better selection for her and has been helping us along ever since!  

In 2014, Sharon even took Amy Kay and her family to Guatemala to meet many of her artisan partners!  SO generous is Sharon and she again is extending herself to us by coming to spend time at Connected!

Please join us in the Lindsborg store anytime between 6-8pm for snacks, drinks, and a trunk show with Sharon's car full of goodies!  She is willing to visit!  We'll happily pepper her with questions for you if you are just interested in listening.  These types of questions come to mind: 

* What have you seen change in the lives of the artisans you have worked with for 27 years? 
* How do you decide which people to start a relationship with as new artisans when there is so much need and talent? 
* Have you ever been scared traveling in a developing country?  

We'll have a great time!  Please do come over!

**We're sorry that Sharon can't be in all three stores, but she is just stopping through on her way to Denver.  We're fortunate to have her pause in one of our stores and chose Lindsborg because that's where Amy Kay lives.  Apologies that we can't be in all three locations!!

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