Wednesday Reflections in Guatemala

Greetings from Guatemala!  We hope that your days are as wonderful as ours...

Today we got to visit a family group and a coop across the lake at Santiago Atitlan.  It was the most wonderful of days for us.  Because the internet is so sketchy, I've already lost one post from the day.  I'll simply try to share a bit now and will come back to write more once we have returned.  

One aside, we are extremely fortunate to have Sharon's business connections here as well as Dane's language skills.  

Dane was fluent in Spanish when we were in college but hasn't gotten to practice much in recent years.  He is still able to communicate well with anyone who speaks Spanish: our hosts, waiters, drivers and anyone else along the way.  He translates for us and does so in a most respectful way - he tells us what has been said instead of nut-shelling or deciding for us what is important or not.  I very much appreciate his patience with all of this and also with his willingness to speak for me when we are thanking a group.  Dane's comfortable style has been key to this trip... and I am most grateful for him in this and many other ways.

We took public transportation across the lake this morning:

A family group of four sisters, a good friend of theirs, and their brother Diago was the first group that we visited today.  It has been my favorite of all stops because I love their work, wear it myself often, it sells well in our store and the family was amazing!  They were kind even though we don't speak their native language and they were really fun!  They each have a child or two so there were lots of friends for our boys.  In fact, at one point the boys pulled out their sticker books and it was like Christmas morning for them all!  

We also got to visit the coop that makes keychains and guitar straps that we sell in the store!  (You see why I think it was the most wonderful of days?;)  Lauren has some good pictures of this coop, but we can't seem to get our technology to communicate as well as we can across the hall from one another.  I'll add more pictures to the collection below as soon as I'm able. 

If every day were like this one, I would know heaven on earth, I tell you.  Seeing family groups and coops with a fair market access and the results of such ongoing business is indeed a glimpse of God's way on earth.

w/thanksgiving from Panajachel - Amy Kay

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