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We’ve always said that the best people shop in Fair Trade stores.  (seriously!)

This is the icing on the cake:  I’ve been asked repeatedly if I accept volunteers to work at the store.  I wonder how many business in Lindsborg or Salina have people ask if they can volunteer to work!

Indeed there are some Fair Trade stores that rely on volunteers to be sales people for them, but I fancy paying all people fairly including those who work with me.  The best “sustainable business model” for me as a leader is one in which everyone is paid and treated well at all stages on the supply chain.  There are no volunteer staff persons with us, HOWEVER...

We need you!  You could make a huge impact for our store and consequently the producers themselves by volunteering in any of the following ways or talk with me about other creative ideas in which you could use your time and talents to grow the Fair Trade movement.  We would appreciate any of the following love you could shine our way:

Have Fair Trade! Will Travel!  ;)  Pictured here at KSU, Mahnattan's Fair Trade Marketplace.

Have Fair Trade! Will Travel!  ;)  Pictured here at KSU, Mahnattan's Fair Trade Marketplace.

  1. Buy Fair Trade from us.  When you have a gifting opportunity, give us a look first.  If you drink coffee, try a taste of ours.  When you need some new clothes, slip on some of our options.
  2. Tell your friends about us.  If someone compliments the earrings you are wearing and they are from our stores, let that person know the story and encourage them to check us out.  If you are a facebooker, please “like” us and share our posts from time to time.  (We tweet and are on Instagram a bit as well.)
  3. Host a Party at one of our stores.  We would delight in the opportunity to host you and seven or more of your friends after our regular store hours.  We supply the samples of Fair Trade food and beverages, the fun ambiance, a brief introduction to Fair Trade and you all have a good time shopping together.  It is fun and good for everyone!
  4. Ask us to speak with your group(s).  I will speak to any group, anywhere, at any time if it is at all possible for me to do so.  I love speaking to colleges, church groups and civic organizations.  I’m getting better at speaking with Scout and 4-H groups and I’d love more practice. ;)
  5. Host a Market.  Allow us to come and set up a Fair Trade marketplace at your company, college or faith community for a day or two.  We are an easy fit at Conferences, Banquets, Multi-cultural Events and Alternative Gift Markets… but we’ll wiggle around to make ourselves fit at any special event that you think is right for Fair Trade!
  6. Share our print materials.  When we have big events, if you would take a few of the posters to share at your place of work, church or grocery store, it would really help us.  If your church sells Fair Trade, we would appreciate a flier by your products that would let people know of our supplemental Fair Trade offerings.  We would love for you be an ambassador for Fair Trade wherever and whenever it is appropriate. 

We really do always say that the best people shop in Fair Trade stores… and we really do always say how thankful we are.  A heartfelt “thanks” for all the ways you support Fair Trade now and are considering doing so in the future.  ~Amy Kay

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