Sand, Dancing and Keeping On

Kansas has gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.  (…although I only see the sunsets, admittingly.  I rely on Taton Tubbs’ amazing photos to see the sunrises.)  Taton's view from First Street in Lindsborg, Kansas, on Feburary 1, 2017.

Taton's view from First Street in Lindsborg, Kansas, on Feburary 1, 2017.

The landscapes in Kansas are beautiful.  I love to look at oak tree lines during the winters.  
Every day I get to walk past fun shops’ windows and captivating public art.  I spend my days in our stores which are filled with interesting things from all around the world.  

Our boys love music and often demonstrate fantastic dance moves.  It makes me smile to think of them being silly… and how they react to my husband and me when we join in the dancing.  (I’ve got some great step-touch, chicken-wing moves.)

An evening in which I get to cook is among my favorite times.  The smell of banana nut bread baking lingers longer in the winter when the windows are closed tightly against the cold.  

There is much to appreciate.

A friend, Marv Anderson, shared this cartoon recently by David Sipress:

I can identify with this gal!  Perhaps you can too.  

There is so much going on in our country and world that I feel overwhelmed sometimes as I try to keep up and respond.  Perhaps you've felt this way also.

The thing is, I'm a Christian and as one who claims to follow Jesus, I know that I must continue trying.  I can't stick my head in the sand and wait for everything I feel is at odds with God’s way to pass me by.  I need to be engaged and work for God’s will to be known ‘on earth as it is in heaven’… perhaps we share this prayer. If we don't recite these same words, we probably still share this conclusion from our various ways of understanding life.

We must keep reading, listening, talking, and learning.  We must keep supporting, resisting, celebrating, marching, giving, calling and, for some of us, praying.  We must keep loving.

I’m extremely thankful we can advocate for what we think is right and at the very same time appreciate the beauty of the world and delightful people in it. There would be no way to notice the wonderful if our heads were stuck in the sand. 

From time to time maybe we could build a sand castle though...  When we start feeling overwhelmed, playing in the sand and not sticking our heads in it seems like a most responsible idea.  I like to enjoy sunsets, soak in the beauty around me, have a drink and dance around the kitchen to "Can't Stop The Feeling" while my kids laugh.  Whatever we need to do, let's do it and keep on, friends.

May we be well informed, engaged, sane and appreciative people.  I think it is possible with God.  May it be so.

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