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Recently I’ve discovered that I love good podcasts.  For instance, yesterday I listened to part of an interview with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who I felt was thoughtful with her word choices while being passionate about the problems with fascism.  She was interviewed by Tommy Vietor who worked on President Obama's National Security Council.  He knows a thing or two about foreign policy as does, obviously, Secretary Albright.  I always learn when I listen to good podcasts and there is a lot to learn about the world.  (Pod Save the World, April 11, 2018.)

Possibly the only two things that Secretary Albright and I have in common are that we are women and we have both now been interviewed for a podcast.  :)  There might be other things… I wonder if she too loves mashed potatoes, for instance. 


Rhea Mader is an Interior Designer with a fantastic vision.  She works to create beautiful environments with a “wholestic” approach to health and wellness.  Fittingly, she is certified as a Living in Place Professional which means she cares about lovely designs for all people regardless of age or condition and she cares for the planet which shows through her certification as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, Green Associate.  Rhea knows a thing or two about thoughtful design and owns her own business: Tumbleweed Interior Architecture & Design.

I’ve walked the halls of Rhea’s beautiful designs as we are both now from Lindsborg!  We were seated by one another at the celebration of the opening of the JO Sundstrom Conference Center which Rhea designed and occasionally we pass by one another, but unfortunately the most we’ve talked is on her podcast.  I’d say we’re friends who respect one another’s work but don’t necessarily hang out.  Come to think of it, I’m not a good hanger-outer overall.

Rhea has now developed her own podcast called “Rhea’s Haven” about holistic design for engaged living and upgraded environments focused on wellbeing. She focuses her weekly conversations on eco-friendly design, slow living, aging gracefully, simplifying, philanthropy, experiential design, global mission and more.  She says her podcast is for you if you’re ready for inspirational insights to living less vanilla in a very colorful world.

Rhea kindly interviewed me on her podcast!  If you care to listen, I warn you that I start off a little herky jerky, but promise that I get better after the initial five/ten-ish minutes. 

You can find all of Rhea’s Haven episodes however you get choose to get podcasts.  If you aren’t a pod fan yet, but want to listen in on a mobile device, just go to the app store and search “podcast app” and you’ll see lots of options.  I simply chose the basic one called “The Podcast App” and it has served me well. 

My thanks to Rhea for her support of Fair Trade and our store specifically!  …and also for helping me to not sound like an idiot.  Cheers!

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