Let's Get Together!

Good times are had by all when groups of 8-10 come into the store together.  One Tuesday evening not so long ago, for instance, a discussion group from the three Catholic parishes in Manhattan came together at our store for snacks, a bit o' wine and I spoke about Fair Trade. It was super fun and definitely helped raise awareness of Fair Trade and our store. 

Do you want to be a part of the Fair Trade movement and have a good time with your friends?  We would LOVE to host your people in the store!  Maybe your sassy girlfriend group, church group, neighborhood association, civic organization, class reunion, spiritual retreat, <insert any group here> would like to come to Connected.  We hope so!  It could be early or late, with or without me speaking about Fair Trade; anything is possible!

Just respond to this email if you are interested in coming to the store for a special "Gathering & Connected" time and we'll work out something fun and good for us all.  (It's free, by the way.  We just want more folks to know about Fair Trade.)  Thanks for your consideration!

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