A Little Bit About Us

My name is Amy Kay Pavlovich and I admit that I feel like a fraud in the business world. I'm really a minister. I'm a minister who cares about business insomuch as it is just for all people.

While serving the United Church of Christ and then the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Missouri I was glad to get to go on many learning and serving trips. At least once a year, my husband Dane was able to with us on these journeys. Through these experiences and growing in seminary throughout those years as well, it seemed clear that we needed to at least serve fairly traded coffee in our church starting in 2007. One thing led to another and the church had a Fair Trade Store shortly thereafter. They continue on with their store to this day and I hope are doing well!

In 2009 I followed Dane's career to Illinois. I had hoped to serve a church in the area, but there wasn't one searching in which I was a fit. There also wasn't a Fair Trade store within an hour and a half of where we lived and Dane needed some coffee! Again, one thing led to another and I started selling Fair Trade out of our home once a month. I spoke to a lot of groups, colleges and churches around the area to share the word about Fair Trade in general.

In an amazing turn of events, I received a gift from Royal Neighbors of America to "enhance the community and empower women". A beautiful storefront in a perfect location was opening up in the downtown area and I was able to just jump right in there with Just Good Trade! I was glad to get to serve as the part-time Chaplain of the college where Dane worked while I had the store for a couple of years as well.

Kansas is our home state and when Dane was offered the Dean of Athletics job at Bethany College, my alma mater, which is in the wonderful town of Lindsborg, we were beside ourselves with thanksgiving! We were incredibly fortunate to be able to sell our store in Illinois to a wonderful woman and her fiance (now husband;) who is committed to the Fair Trade movement. She is doing great things with it and we are so glad!

Knowing that there are no UCC or DOC churches in Lindsborg, it was without hesitation that I considered opening a Fair Trade store as my way of serving here. I rented a space without even seeing it, actually! It feels that right to be able to spend my time in this way at this stage of our lives.

Dane and I have two boys who have, quite literally, grown up with Fair Trade. Sebastian (age 8) and Atticus (age 5) can often be found in the loft of the store playing when they aren't in school.

We are thankful to be near both of our families, in a great school system for our boys and both working in ways we feel are fitting... thank you for caring enough to read this long post "about us" and I look forward to knowing more about you through the years ;)

Learning and Serving

In 2007 Dane and I (front row) went with some good college students to Humane Borders in Tucson, Az.  It was on the long drive home that we agreed to least serve and possibly sell Fair Trade coffee in our church.

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