A Grand Opening in Salina

Thank you so much!

Our official opening felt “grand” to us and we are extremely grateful. 

We appreciate every single thumbs up, sharing of a post and words of encouragement on facebook. We are touched by the folks who made an effort to come into our Salina store on Friday or Saturday.  Seriously.  My heart felt like it was overflowing with warmth throughout the two days of having friends in the store.  We couldn’t be more grateful for the Fair Trade that has been purchased as well.  

We want to do the best job we can to support the Fair Trade artisans and farmers around the world.  Systemic change from impoverishment to wholeness and health for all people is what we are about.  Thank you for being a part of the work with us.

We’re tickled to give away $365 in fairly traded products as a part of our appreciation for you all.  We’re thankful for you every single day of the year so this amount is appropriate!

Congratulations to these friends:

Wide Telephone Wire Bracelet ($16) - Matthew Goldner
Wide Telephone Wire Bracelet ($16) - Cari Bergstrom
Telephone Wire Bracelet ($14) - Aubrey Kaiser
Elephant Necklace ($6) & Beaded necklace with brown beads ($8) - Pam Varenhorst
Light brown beaded necklace ($10) & Necklace w light brown beads ($8) - David Strommen
Red heart box ($8) & Iching bracelet ($4.50) - Gary Schmutz
Sari Bracelet ($16) and earrings ($12) - Pat Mages
Finger puppets ($9) - Kayleigh Guldner
Spicy Hot Cocoa ($7.50) & Very Dark Chocolate Bar ($3.50) - Jill Schmutz
Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee ($8.50) - Carl Isaacson
Pocket Disk ($15) - Linda Kusse-Wolfe
Matching beach bag & hat ($50) - Holly McCaslin
Dried flower picture frame ($17) - Emma Ward
Spiral bracelet ($22) - Chelle Fleming
Violet Infinity Scarf ($32) - Greg Rea
Matching apron ($23) & pot holder ($9) - Anders Gardestig
Peruvian basket market bag ($12) - Kaylee Warren
Peruvian basket market bag ($16) - Ron Mallon
Peruvian basket market bag ($22) - Vicki Bethe

Here’s to the possibility of anniversary parties!  May it be so.  

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